I made my first pair of Raggedys when I was around 7 on my Grandmother's Singer treadle sewing machine, and still remember the pattern - Raggedy Ann & Andy McCall Pattern 820, 1940. This was the same pattern that my grandmother made my mothers first set of Raggedy Ann & Andys. My grandmother gave me that pattern after teaching me to sew, & I have used it over & over again making dolls for family & friends.

I have loved these dolls since I was a little girl. Each doll is special to me, and each is created with love, care and detail and quality in mind.

Throughout the years I have altered the patterns I use to ensure that the finished dolls are as representive of the original dolls as possible. Below are the three patterns I have patterned my dolls after:

Copyright 1940 by McCall Corporation: #820 Copyright 1963 The Bobbs-Merrill Co., Inc.: #6941 Copyright 2000 Simplicity Co., Inc.: #9447

My first Raggedy Ann & Andy have long since disappeared, & even now I still think about them. They will always remain my "best friends!"

Raggedy Ann and Andy