There are some toys stand the test of time with both children and collectors. Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy are such toys.

The details surrounding Raggedy Ann's birth are uncertain. Whether it was Johnny Gruelle or his daughter Marcella who found an old rag doll in the attic, Gruelle decorated the doll and called it Raggedy Ann. Named after two poems, "The Raggedy Man" and "Little Orphant Annie," written by Gruelle's father's literary friend James Whitcomb Riley, Raggedy Ann became a character in the stories Gruelle had made up to amuse his daughter.

Gruelle patented Raggedy Ann in 1915, but it was not until the P. F. Volland Company published his first book of Raggedy Ann stories in 1918 that the doll was introduced to the public as a very successful marketing tie-in. Ann's brother Raggedy Andy made his debut in 1920 and was quickly followed by a succession of whimsical characters like Beloved Belindy and the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees.

Gruelle wrote and illustrated over 20 Raggedy books before his death in 1938. In addition to new titles by other licensed authors and illustrators, the characters have appeared on everything from furniture and games to clothing, bedspreads, and cookie jars.

So, what do many collectors consider to be the more desirable items? Very early 1st edition books and dolls usually enjoy relatively high valuations, but the Raggedys manufactured by the Exposition Doll and Toy Company in 1934/35 are actually rarer than those made earlier by P. F. Volland. Other items considered collectible include McCall's doll patterns available since 1940 (especially those that are uncut).

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